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04 August 2010 @ 02:03 pm

Whoohoo! I have a chance to win this cd!

Would you also like to try to win this cd?
Check out this post @ kpop_groups

Whoohoo! I have a chance to win this cd!

Would you also like to try to win this cd?
Check out this post @ kpop_groups
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23 May 2010 @ 01:41 am
 so its 1:34AM right now , and i shouldnt even be on the internet, considering i used up the internet for the month .. but , im scared and i need to blog .

i keep hearing gun shots outside in the distance , and its scaring me shitless .
i see no one outside though . its all dark .. but then, there are cars that keep 
driving by , and stopping infront of my house. ): this is so scary.
my streeet isn't safe anymore , i wanna move. T____T"

well, i hope on monday esther can come join my family for a bbq lunch. :D <33
even though my cousin is coming, and she hates him. LOOOL . well , at least
my keyboard slider can be fixed alot sooner. ( :

oh and , i wanna watch the dream concert . T_T"

that is all, goodbye livejournal. :3
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20 May 2010 @ 01:49 am
Dear Nicole Palazzotto , 
I just wanted to thank you . Thankyou for coming into this world and coming into my life . I don't know what my life would be like if one of us never came to Aquinas , and hadn't met one another. I know for sure my life would probably be like hell right now. You're always there to help me whenever i need a shoulder to lean on . I can't thankyou enough for all the times you've helped me through my rough days, and given me advice. <3 Not only those moments do i love, but i love all our random moments too. From your dancing, to you giving me headlocks, to our fail all nighters , i love each and every moment with you. <3 I haven't known you for a super long time, but it's amazing just how close we got in 6 months of knowing each other, and how much i can trust you with everything . It's rare for me, since i don't tell my secrets to just anybody. So consider yourself special . (; teehee . I know all this sounds very cheesy , but it comes from deep down in my heart . i mean every single word i say here .
I guess , in other words , i just want to wish you the best birthday ever. Because seriously , you deserve the very best of it . So best fraaand , enjoy every second of today, as it is your special day , and i hope you receive tons of love today . Wait for my birthday punches on friday. (; i loveyou , & dont party too hard. ;D
i love you my best fraand , my lover , my third half , my baby , my LIFE .
Always&Forever ,
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20 May 2010 @ 01:37 am
 Lately, i haven't been myself. I feel like i'm depressed all the time. And i seriously hate it . I haven't been like this since grade 8 .. i thought i wouldnt have to go through this again , but guess i was wrong. 

Family hasn't been going good recently . I keep getting in trouble for things i didn't do, and i have to constantly hear my parents yelling at my sister, and then my sister yelling back at them. Then, i got my sister taking her anger out on me because my mom was yelling at her .. i don't mind my sister coming to me to talk about things, but not when she comes to yell at me, to take her anger out on me. Cause thats just not fair right ? that just creates stress on me too . 

Everyone seems to be cheesing me lately . i really hate it. 

I don't know if Esther is going to read this , but Esther , if you are .. this paragraph is for you .
Your tweets today , saying 'wow... sad gee thanks what about me.' and 'felt kinda useless there. sorrry i cant help.' .. i know those were referred to me. Because you saw my tweet that said , '6100TH TWEET! i love @nicole_krysten . <3 what would i do without this girl in my life? THANKS FOR BEING THERE FOR ME BABY . <3333 ILY!' and i know i made you sad through that . And i totally feel like shit for that . I'm sorry if i hurt your feelings , i didn't mean to . Even though i never thanked you for helping me , i just want you to know that i'm always grateful for you hearing me out, and helping me . You're not useless . If you were useless, i wouldn't be coming to you in the first place . Because i wouldn't be going to someone for help, if i thought they were useless . No , you're not useless . You're very helpful . Thankyou dear so much for all the times you allowed me to vent out my anger at you . Thankyou for every time you helped me through . Thankyou for every Sunday where you would drive me to and from Church . And sharing your bed with me to take my naps in, and feeding me food. I'm so grateful towards you , no words can explain . I may not show it enough towards you , but please know, that in my heart i really am grateful . My heart knows, and God especially knows too . Once again, i'm sorry to have made you feel this way , and please forgive me . I don't like seeing you sad , and i hate it even more when i'm the reason as why you're sad . i love you  , and i'm sorry . But i'm so thankful at the same time too . 
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Current Music: AJ Rafael - When We Say
20 May 2010 @ 01:20 am
 Today, all the grade 9 academic french classes went on a field trip. :) 

I was originally going to go to first period , and then second, and then on our french trip .. but i didn't feel like it . At 7:30AM , my dad came into my room telling me to wake up for school , but i told him that classes were starting at 10AM today. LOOL . i'm horrible. ): but i didnt want to go to first . So he said okay , and i went back to sleep for another hour and 45 minutes. I woke up at 9:15 , and got down the stairs at 9:30, and ate breakfast. Then i left for school. :) i remembered Josh telling me that we all needed to meet up at Portable 20 for the french trip, so i arrived at the school at 10, and went to portable 20 .. i found my french class in there , all in uniform , so i thought , 'omg. was i suppose to wear my uniform instead?' , then i saw my french teacher sitting there , and she asked me 'why are you so late?' and honestly, i wasnt even fully awake yet, and i replied with a 'i dont know' -_- im so stupid. i fully just exposed myself. LOL i shouldve said i had an appointment or something . But she just replied with a 'okay' and told me to go to the caf, where the rest were waiting.

So i went, and saw kathreena, josh, and katherine walking. They said they were looking for me. $: d'aawww . that's sweet. :3 and then kathreena told me that alyssa was looking for me too! LOL . i would've gone to look for her, but she was on the second floor. ROFL . i'm lazy to go all the way up there. Then i saw carmelina ! and she said she was looking for me too. LOOOL , so many people were looking for me , when i was only gone for one period. $: i felt somewhat loved. LMFAO . so i just hung around kathreena and josh for a bit, and then saw alyssa and lydia. :3 so of course , i ran up to them. :] talked to them for a bit, and then it was time to go on the bus. :3 i sat with katherine , and behind us was kathreena and josh. (: it was goood. Kathreena and i took josh's itouch, and listened to it on the way there . HAHA , poor kid wanted his itouch so badly. but he's so prepared , he even brought his psp to play games. LOOOL cutie . <3 

Once we got there , kathreena saw a sign that said 'wedding garden' and said 'lets get married viviann!' ROFL , of course i agreed , but silly her didn't have a ring , so i told her to go buy one, but she said to use a bracelet instead. ;D LOOOL . So yeah, kathreena and i are gonna get married, even if she does have a boyfriend . (; hahaha . 

We waited awhile outside to go in, and once we got in, they led us to this large table for lunch. I sat beside alyssa and kathreena. :] Kathreena sat beside josh, and Alyssa sat beside Lydia. :3 Lucky me though, someone just had to be sitting infront of me . I told Alyssa, and then she told Lydia , and Lydia yelled a big 'WOOOOOW' (LOL!) and then i saw her look from Lydia to Alyssa to me with this HUGE ASS awkward smile . then, i told them again , and Lydia once again yelled 'WOOOOOOW' ROFLROFL . gosh , she cracks me up. :3 But then, apparently we were all sitting at the wrong table, and had to move . So i sat at a table with Kathreena , Alyssa, Josh , Katherine , Janine , & another Alyssa . LOL . 

the food there was quite good. (: i loved the potatoes and the pasta . teeheee . $: Josh and i were like fighting with each other over food. BWAHAHAHA . cause he got some cheeseballs that he didn't like, and i made him eat it all. :3 Then i went to get some roast beef, and the lady gave me this huge slice, and Josh made me eat it all even when i was full. ): So i made him eat the whole plate of dessert he got . ROFLROFL . i told him he had to finish it all by the time i was done my roast beef , and i only had a quarter of it left. (; LOOOL . So, i was there taking my time eating my roast beef, while Josh, who was beside me was shoving it down his throat with water, trying to beat me. ;D LOOOOL . i feel bad LOOOL . josh is such a cutie. <3 After i finished my roast beef, Alyssa & i went to get some desserts. We shared two slices of cake, and we each got a chocolate ball. They were all double chocolate .. oh man. too much chocolate for me .. EVER . i couldn't even finish one slice of it. ): But i had to, since Josh made me . -____-" the kid took my glass of water since he finished his, so i didn't have any water to help me. T__T" But then, i got two glasses of water in the end . >:] teehee . So we all finished eating, and of course, kathreena and josh decided to make some new creations . LOOOOL . it looked yummy but definitely tasted horrible . Josh's drink was so ghetto, HE TOUCHED MY GUM AND STUCK IT ON THE GLASS. D:< i cant believe him. LOL, so nasty . Kathreena's actually looked like a drink! with chocolate sprinkles, and a strawberry and cantaloupe on the glass .. but josh's -____-" ROFL , this is how you know guys have no creativity. ;D 

So once we finished eating, we went to the see the show . It was alright .. just the fact, that our school were the only teens there, and everyone else were like 80 year old grandmas ... o_o" there was a grandma who was celebrating her 93rd birthday there! oh well, happy birthday to that grandma . When the show had ended, we were all waiting outside for our bus to come .. and i got yelled at by a grandma <_< cause i was standing on the stairs, and she told me to move and to make space .. <_< she could've just said 'excuse me' gosh . whatever . So on the bus ride home, i sat with kathreena and i listened to josh's itouch and played traffic rush on his itouch the whole ride home. teeheee . $: fun day. :3

And kathreena got me addicted to AJ Rafael's When We Say . <3
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Current Music: AJ Rafael - When We Say
19 May 2010 @ 01:39 am
 While i was showering today , the conversation i had with sasha on friday popped into my head. The question she asked me, just came suddenly at me. "Would you give her a second chance if she tried very hard?" i remember i answered with a 'i dont know' .. but now, i have my final answer . And that's a no . Because i realized something , all my past best friends were actually there for me when i needed them most. They were there and sacrificed their sleep for me while i cried at night. They had actually helped me with my problems before they had left me for someone else. Even though i felt betrayed, but now that i think about it, i'm not even mad. Because they really truly were once my best friends . They did the same stuff for me, just like as i had did for you. but once again , you were different. You didn't do any of that stuff. Maybe if you did at least once, i could give you a second chance. Like what you said, 'some people dont deserve a second chance' and i feel like, you're one of those people who don't deserve a second chance from me. But i shouldn't even be the person you want in your life again. Because i'm not important , compared to her . Because you've known her longer , & you were her bestest friend. So don't approach me, if you haven't approached her yet. It's not fair. You call us pathetic? , you're just as pathetic for calling us that. If you have the guts, i think you should tell us to our faces. :3 y'know .. its quite pussy of you to say it behind a computer screen and act all tough. :] so i think you should gather up your guts, and bitch out at us if you can. (: 

Another thing , how is it i was with my best friend the whole day yesterday , and didn't realize that she was sad? Like honestly .. thats low of me. Was i too caught up in my own pain, to see anyone else's around me? i'm not that type of person .. and i know i'm not ... so why did i act the way i did ? thats a huge disappointment right there . Because she was there for me yesterday when i wanted to kill myself , yet i thought she was all happy, and i was the one who was hurt the whole day yesterday. i feel like shit . great going viviann .. you somewhat just proved you're not a good friend afterall . -_____-"
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19 May 2010 @ 12:55 am
 Once again , i had no school today ! :D BWAHAHAHHA . i love it . sucks i have it tomorrow though >.> whateves , i got a french trip. :D 

So today , i woke up at 10:15 , thanks to my sister's loud voice! if it wasnt for her, i wouldve continued sleeping , and not be able to go to chrissy's house. So i woke up, did my regular stuff, and thank goodness my dad came home on time! i had no change for bus fare . so, he just drove jess& i to chrissy's & audrey's house. (: we got there around 11 . Jess , Audrey and Danielle went to 168 for sushi (lucky bitches) and Chrissy and i just stayed home. We had an amazing nap. $: we slept for 2 hours ! woke up around 2 , and just laid in bed for another half hour. LOL Then finally ,we were able to get off our bums, and get out of bed . LOL . Chrissy made me food to eat. :D YUMMMMM . her own homemade foood. <3 teehee , i'm lucky to have tasted her cooking. $: We had rice & bbq pork ! the bbq pork tasted WAY better than how i usually eat it. :3 So, after we finished eating , Chrissy washed the dishes ... SHE WOULDNT LET ME HELP. ): she said i'm not needed . </3 so i sat, and watched her dance and hum to gee while she was washing the dishes . it was a very cute sight to see. :3 After she finished , we went upstairs , and just like yesterday , we danced to gee . XD LOOOOL . we got up to the chorus. ! :] hahahaa . so we continued dancing and dancing , and then our sisters came home. LOL well, they came home and again, went our separate ways .. we continued dancing to gee but stopped when my sister came out of the room and saw us . LOOOL . i never let my sister watch me dance at all . XD so that was embarrassing . so we just stopped after that. And we ate hello kitty pocky . It was yummy . :3 then , Chrissy decided to torture me. ): she tweeted about me , and didnt let me tweet on the laptop ! it took me 8946798476289067208967209 tries to log onto the laptop .. even till now i still never got in. LOL . And might i add , she tickled me .. and i screamed really loud. $: yeah . LOL . So we just chilled on the couch, and i just ended up playing on Chrissy's iphone till 6 , and went home. LOL .

When i got home , i went on twitter , and found out the girl hacked me . LMFAOOOO . i dont care if i forgot to sign out , she hacked me . XD and left me some funny and cute tweets. :3 and then i go on facebook , and found out SHE HACKED ME THERE TOO . LMFAOOOO . and once again , she said "i didnt hack, you left it on" LOOOL . and sad thing is , i fully saw her type in her password for twitter , and when i tried signing in, IT DIDNT WORK. ): i swear i saw her type the password properly , yet i cant log in ><" BLAH . ONE DAY THOUGH! i'll get in . :D i really fail at hacking. ): well, that is all . :) i had a fun day with my best friend . <3
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18 May 2010 @ 01:00 am
okay so today , no school cause of a flood. that was the good part of the day ! there's no school tomorrow either. :) im happy . but today, my day wasn't all that great. it got better , but i dont think i cried this much ever before. i got into a fight with my dad and sister .. it was so bad to the point where my sister kept hitting me and left a bruise on my head . yeah i know , lovely right? -.- as im typing , i have this headache. whatever.

But then , after i calmed down and finished bawling my eyes out , my dad drove me to Christianne's house. Honestly, i dont know why i went .. but i just felt like i had to get out of the house. I never let anyone see the side of me after i cry, cause my eyes turn so asian ><" but yeah, i guess i let Christianne saw , and thinking back , its kinda of embarrassing. $: LOL . but honestly , i dont know what i wouldve done if Christianne wasn't online during the time my family was fighting . i dont think i wouldve survived. i most likely would've done something stupid to myself, like get a knife and stab myself .

But she was there with me comforting me and giving me advice. <3 and i appreciate her for that alot ! And i felt so bad because i originally planned to go shopping with her, but then i bailed out on her last minute cause of family fight, and then afterwards i tell her i'm going to her house just like that. yeah . im horrible. D: And she goes and buys me ice cream . like what is this ? D:< i spend too much of her money. As if i havent spent so much time at her house already and her feeding me and everything ! BLAH. im so horrible . Definitely gotta repay her back for all those times! nothing that i did compares to what she did for me .

So yeah, after the whole fight my dad offered to drive me to Christianne's house .. so i took the offer , and told myself 'okay vivian , in the car apologize to dad!' and , usually i'll think of it, but i would never actually say it, because then i'd think im the one who lost and stuff. But i did apologize like i planned to, and things went well. i cried after i apologized . SO SOFT OF ME . <_< and after , i arrived at Christianne's house and we went to macs and she bought me ice cream to cheer me up. $: just seeing her cheered me up. <3 and then i texted my sister telling her how i'm sorry too. $: and she bought me a cardigan from garage as a sorry gift for probably hitting me -.- oh well, funny cause i've been dying to get a cardigan ! and my sister got me one. <3

This whole day, Christianne and i was dancing to gee. ;D HAHAHAHA . it was fun i gotta admit. XD LOOOL . and then, our sisters came home from the mall and audrey bought us chicken wings and pizza . yuuuuuum . <3 It was just the diep & gregorio sisters chowing down on food together. (L) that was a fun part. :] teeehee . After we all finished, we cleaned up and we went our seperate ways, younger sisters to the family room, and the older sisters to audrey's room. LOL Chrissy & i started watching Baby and Me . <3 hahaha . so cute! I LOVE MASON MOON. cutest baby alive! And then, around 9 my sister & i went home. (:

Tomorrow i get to see Christianne once again. $: im excited . then wednesday french trip! the seniors are lucky they only go to school for one day ! AND ITS ON A DRESS DOWN DAY TOO. ): lucky bums man . oh well. 


ps; a little side note . i think if people are trying to express their anger toward someone , they should really learn how to spell first , because when you spell simple words wrong, people will just laugh at you instead. JUST SAYING. (:
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17 May 2010 @ 08:31 am
school is cancelled because of a flood on our third floor which then dripped to second. LOOOOL LEGIT! this is amazing. not to mention the weather outside is BEAUTIFUL<3 cant get any better than this! OOHHHHH , i think it can though. :] becuase i might be going out with Christianne todaaaay. <3 YEEEEEEBOY !
and news has it, that the flood might go on for a few days ?! LMFAOO EVEN BETTER. well, i dont want to miss any more days of school except today. ): because tomorrow is my love kathreena's birthday, wednesday is my french tripp , and thursday is MY BESTFRAAAND'S BIRTHDAAAAAAAY. <3333 oh well, THIS IS ONE AMAZING START OF THE WEEK~

oh yeah , i need to find the download link to big bang's new song tell me goodbye . i love it . <3
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Current Music: Big Bang - Tell Me Goodbye
14 May 2010 @ 07:20 pm
May 13, 2010 . I wont forget that day. :)(L) , it was so much funnn . Just being able to spend the WHOLE day, from 6AM - 12AM with my bestfraands is amazing ! I thank God giving me the opportunity to go to Ottawa with them. <3 I think this trip was just what we needed. To get away for the day, and just have some fun between us girlies.

So, i woke up at 5:15AM .. when i was suppose to wake up at 4:30 so i could take my time and straighten my hair nicely .. but my plan failed obviously. I woke up at 5:15, rushed to the washroom and straightened my hair for 10 minutes brushed my teeth and stuff. Then my mom drove me to school at 5:50, and i got there right on time. :D Right when i got there , i saw my loves, said hi and gave them hugs, then we went on the bus. :D

I sat with Rachel on the way there . :3 we just talked, listen to my ipod, and watched the wedding dress music video by taeyangg. ;D hahaha . I knew letting her watch that would make her day better. <3 So Rachel Alyssa Nicole Ronilea Christianne and i just decided to pig out on the way there. yep, the whole 5 hours. LOL . its typical of us though. (; We had pocky, smartfood, & lots of sour candy. <3 We still had some left when we reached ottawa. :D So that was goood. teehee. We all slept on the way there. <3 Rachel was sleeping on my shoulder while i had my head on her head. :3 LOL , but man . did our necks kill when we woke up !

So, we reached Ottawa at 11:40 and we had 20 minutes before we had to go to the Parliament Hill . :) So we decided to go to this store called NEON , and man.. WAS IT AWESOME. It was like a Boathouse that we have in Toronto, but i must admit, it was BETTER. Converses for $60 with even more varieties of colour! yeeep. thats love. <3 We decided we'll come back one day by ourselves as a little trip and we'll go shopping there. (; teehee.

We got to the Parliament Hill at 12 noon, and woaaah. i never seen so many people before! Well, i also never seen so many asians either. LOL. We were so lost, cause we had no clue what to do, or where to go, since we lost our school. So, we decided to just walk around and luckily, we found some people we knew. :D after, we went to get those protest signs. :3 They're alot more heavy than they look. ): we were all struggling trying to hold them up. xD haha. so we just settled them down, and sat down in a circle as well. :) Some people came up to us and wanted a picture of all of us with our signs. :D so many photographers came, but s'all good though. :) We sat and listen to the speakers speak, for a good hour and a half. And by 1:30 we were up on our feet and got ready to start the march for life! :D There were so many people. We filled all the streets!

Not gonna lie, the protest was scary. There was this woman who was for abortion, and she was shirtless. Like, full on -___-" It was disgusting. And this random lady just yelled to all of us "you guys need a life!" -__-" stfu. gosh, people these days. Hate them. We walked till 3 , and after we gave back our signs and we went to eat! We were all starving.

We went to McDonalds to buy some stuff to eat. :) i bought a McFlurry and shared fries with Christianne. <3 We chilled there for awhile, and then we went to the marketplace to look at more food. $: Rachel bought a honeydew bubble tea, and it was quite delicious. :3 After walking around in the market for a bit, we decided to go to chapters to buy our starbucks. :3 i bought a tall double chocolate chip frap for only $2.07 <3 yum yum . i love these promotions. :D So after we got out fraps, we stayed at chapters for a good 3 hours. :3 we looked at books, and we went to the kids section and read touch and feel books, and played with trains and rode on scooters in chapters. (; LOL . yeah, we're lame, so what? x) We left Chapters at 6, to go back to McDonalds to buy food for the way home. XD the whole day, while everyone was shopping for clothes, we shopped for food. XD haha , we're such fatties, but its alll gooood. <3

Then, it was time to go home. We left ottawa at 7, and the trip was bad. ): it was raining so hard! it was pouring non stop. D: and there was absolutely no lamp posts on the streets so it was really dark. D: I sat with Christianne on the way back. <3 We finished the rest of the popcorn. :3 haha. that was our dinner , since we didnt buy anything from Macdonalds. xD Nicole and Christianne were my personal ipods on the bus. XD they kept singing songs for me. (; hahaha. <3 I started having a headache so i had to leave them and go to sleep. ): But i woke up just in time while they were eating the cookies and cream chocolate chunk nicole bought us from bulkbarn. <3 SO YUMMY. I chatted with them i bit more, and once again the headache came back -.- so i borrowed Nicole's pillow and slept on it. :3. hehe , but it kept falling so i just decided to hug it. (: it made me feel safe when we were driving in the rain. (Y) One by one, we all fell asleep. x) Except Alyssa and Ronilea though. XD alyssa totally disappeared when i woke up, and Ronilea was awake watching us sleep with Nicole on her lap. i found that cute. <3 So i decided to stay up with her even though i wanted to go back to sleep. XD oh well. :] We got back to brampton at around 11:30 , and i got home at 11:50. i just quickly brushed my teeth and went to bed. <3

Overall, it was a fun trip! and it definitely feels good to participate in such an event. :) Feels like i made a small change in the world. :D
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